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Advisory Services

Driving real business results.

With business dependence on technology, you must have a leader completely focused on your network and IT deployment.

However, small and medium-sized businesses can't always allocate resources for IT leadership. That's where The Brookfield Group can help.

Essentially acting as your CTO, we can advise you on how to utilize technology to drive business results. With 30 years in the technology sector, we understand how to align business goals with IT strategies to create value and accelerate growth. 

The Brookfield Group offers the following advisory services:

Project management

Even if you have all the right ingredients, projects will fail without proper management. The Brookfield Group employs a four-phased life cycle to effectively manage a project. LEARN MORE

Process optimization

Business processes can be optimized through technology to drive better results and cost efficiencies. The Brookfield Group can help you identify ways to simplify and automate process. Armed with the right tools and technologies, you'll be able to maximize those efficiencies for the sustainable future.

CTO leadership

The Brookfield Group has a team of consultants with years of experience in applying IT solutions to business problems. We can offer leadership and guidance on leveraging IT to resolve business issues, streamline processes and cast a long-term vision for your company.

Compliance audits

Your level of compliance is directly related to your risk level of threat. We conduct compliance audits to verify and validate the quality and effectiveness of your IT controls. We then help you develop and automate compliance processes to protect information, address threats quickly and reduce costs.

As a full-service technology company, The Brookfield Group specializes in everything technology that you need for your business. Contact us today for more information or a free consultation.

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